Thursday, November 27, 2008

He is a typical frustrated marathi manus worried about his political death.
Its true that lot of non marathi people are pouring in to Mumbai since 30-40 yrs.
What were the marathi manus doing at that time?
Why didn't they stopped them in the beginning only? Non marathi people have played a major role in developing Mumbai.
Why the Marathi manus want to kick the non marathi guys now?
If they want Marathi to be the only language used in Maharstr OK then the whole Hindi film industry should be shifted from Maharstr/ Mumbai.
The students coming from outside Maharstr (No Marathi language) for studies should also be banned?Crores of Rs. are coming every year to Mahrstr.
Contractors working in Maharstr/Mumbai should not demand labors from UP/Bihar for their work.
All Marathi manus should be asked to resign & go back to Marastr for their bread & butter.
If only Marathi manus is left in Mumbai then the city will collapse & people will start starving.
Moment people start retaliating the marathi manus staying outside Maharstr then the situation will be horrible